"This has been a unique experience that we didn't anticipate, but we're really enjoying it."

When Acceptance announced their breakup in August 2006, fans everywhere were saddened by the Seattle rock band that brought them Phantoms only the year prior. With issues within the band, as well as others' needs to pursue other projects, they disbanded with only one full-length record released. However, in 2015 the band reunited to play at Skate and Surf festival, which ended up being an experience that not only made performing together fun again, but brought the once disjointed rock outfit back to a unified front too. 

Acceptance's frontman Jason Vena sat down at Caffe Bene in Times Square with Myspace when the band was in New York City before their new album Colliding By Design, released. Over coffee, he opened up about the band's breakup, their reunification and what's next for the band.

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