Leeds band let a curse inspire its latest album, and in the process of creating it, found a cure for the bad luck.

There are plenty of old wives tales and superstitions that seem a little too far out to take seriously, but what if you became convinced that one was true? In the case of English band Menace Beach, band-leaders Liza Violet and Ryan Needham discovered they were on the receiving end of a citrus curse after a bag of lemons was left at their door strep. Their latest album Lemon Memory is in tribute to coming out the other end.

Released earlier this year, their sophomore effort crosses throbbing synths with surefire guitars for a hybrid sound that walks the line between psychedelic and alternative rock, but in a way that their sound transcends either genre to belong unique to them. Violet and Needham trade off on vocal duties while a rotating cast of backing players help to fill out the band and add further dimension to their sound.

We spoke with both Violet and Needham about how their collaboration initially began, the importance of album art and why you might find them soundtracking digging around in the dirt in the future... Hop to the next page to read the full interview.

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