Actress talks about 'resisting' Lone Scherfig during the filming of 2011's 'One Day,'

Anne Hathaway has admitted to “not trusting” female directors in the past, explaining that she may have treated others with “internalised misogyny”.

The actress recently spoke to ABC‘s Peter Travers about “resisting” female director Lone Scherfig when they worked together on 2011 film One Day.

“I really regret not trusting her more easily,” Hathaway said. “And I am to this day scared that the reason I didn’t trust her the way I trust some of the other directors I work with is because she’s a woman. It’s so hard to admit and I hope people understand that. I’m so scared that I treated her with internalised misogyny. I’m scared that I didn’t give her everything that she needed.”

Hathaway continued: “It’s something I’ve thought a lot about in terms of when I get scripts to be directed by women, When I get a script, when I see a first film directed by a woman, I have in the past focused on what was wrong with it. And when I see a film… directed by a man, I focus on what’s right with it.” 

“I can only acknowledge that I’ve done that and I don’t want to do that anymore,” she said. “I, before I realised this, had actively tried to work with female directors. And I still had this mindset buried in there somewhere.”


Hathaway went on to say that she understands how difficult it is for women to get “the reins to anything… That journey is way harder than it should be. It’s not equal. And I wonder if it’s about the thought process like the one I just talked about. About undervaluing what it takes to make your first film.”

Hathaway said that while she had “never apologised” to Scherfig, she would call her to do so after the interview. “I hold her in such a dear place in my heart and I think she does for me, too,” she said.

A representative for Scherfig has told ABC News: “She asked me to express her love and admiration for Anne and her work.”


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