Walking on the reflective side of dance-pop.

Utah-based, indie pop rockers Spirit City have a gift for keeping their listeners enveloped in positive energy. Looking to shake things up a bit from their previous, dance-inducing track “Do What You Want,” the trio went in a different, more truthful and reflective route with their newest offering, the appropriately titled “Stillness.” 

Spirit City/Trevor Christensen

"'Stillness' started out as a very abstract idea — more of a feeling than a thought process," says band member Nate Young. "The fantasy-like state between consciousness and sleep, contemplating my purpose, that moment of total vulnerability and honesty between lovers, life and death, longing, heartache and healing... those were some of the themes, thoughts and feelings that inspired this song."

Ahead of the release of their upcoming EP We’re All Insane, breathe deeply and take part in the melodic catharsis of “Stillness” below.  

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