Garage-rock trio swapped the Bay Area for Brooklyn, and in the process discovered a new well of inspiration.

The dynamics between FBI agents Fox Moulder and Dana Scully are the crux of the show X-Files; the yin and yang of Moulder's desire to believe and Scully's determination to make logical sense of whatever otherworldly phenomenon they're investigating. So it's a bit of cosmic irony that a band that uses Scully as their namesake would name their debut EP No Sense.

Released towards the end of 2016, the Brooklyn-based trio hone their lo-fi, surfs-up sound over the EP's six tracks. Not only do they channel '90s television with their name, but their song titles dive into the Dewey Decimal System with nods to coming of age story Walk Two Moons and the eternally-popular author Roald Dahl. However, even with the media nods, their main inspiration is drawn from the cosmos, their own experiences and the seasons that surround them. And while No Sense marks their first release under the name Scully, all three were previously members of The Splinters, albeit on a different coast prior to heading east and reuniting in New York.

We spoke with guitarist Caroline Partamian and bassist Lauren Stern about the sci-fi inspiration behind their name, how their move to New York has influenced their song-writing for the better and the joys of stalking cute dogs. Hop to the next page to read the full interview.

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