Worldly sister duo Holly and Coco Chant forge new ground with their innovative folk songs.

There's a scene in the movie Into the Wild where the locals of Slab City put on a raucous show that captures the spirit of the little town they've carved out in the middle of the California desert. In reality, all the key players in that scene are actual residents of the real life Slab City. Every Saturday night they step out from their RVs and makeshift homes to both watch and perform a show on the town's makeshift stage, complete with an arrangement of couches and artistic metal sculptures. No matter who's standing front and center strumming a guitar, there's an outlaw spirit you can't deny — one of adventure and independence. You can practically see the scene unfolding all over again when you listen to Xylaroo's album Sweetooth, or at least imagine them performing on that outdoor stage. Their sound seems to capture the same intrigue, those same unconventional ethos. 

Sisters Holly and Coco Chant channel their experiences, insight and imaginations into bewitching folk songs with a touch of country. Their innovative approach and sound carves out its own niche within the genre, or perhaps its own realm all together. Guitar chords provide the pathway for their voices to travel, and they find harmony in singing together, their voices lilting high above whatever the rhythm. No matter how gentle the song may sound, there's still a renegade spirit that continues to run throughout.

The pair released their debut album last year and recently had a song appear on the British comedy, Gap Year. We spoke with Holly Chant about the real life experiences that inspire their songs, what it's like to be a musician in London and discovering music through TV. Hop to the next page to read the full interview.

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