This week, Kendrick Lamar, Little Dragon and more drop new music!

We've got a number of bangers on this week's new music picks. First, there's Kendrick Lamar's follow-up to Untitled Unmastered, DAMN., while Little Dragon are back with their new set of tunes, Season High. Actress returns with his fifth studio album, AZN. Deep State get introspective with Thought Garden. And Prime Ministers bring us their new project, Assymetric.

Read more about the new albums below.


'DAMN.' - Kendrick Lamar

Whenever Kendrick Lamar releases something, we know that it'll be good. And although he's been pretty quiet about releasing details and tracks about his upcoming record, DAMN., what we know about it proves to make this another strong effort from the Compton rapper.

"Humble," the lead single off the project, is not only visually gratifying with the cornucopia of messages in the video, but also brings to light a lot of Kendrick's views on various topics. And while expressing your ideas through verses is obviously not a new concept, there are so many different issues from body image to police brutality that K.Dot touches on that makes you want to listen to it multiple times to get more of the meaning out of it. And even after playing the song again, there's still a lot to unpack to get a full picture of what he wants to convey on the song. 

But that's the genius that we love about him. His command of the English language is undeniable and can express his points in ways that anyone can understand. And if you don't, you just clearly aren't listening. Since the release of "Humble," we haven't been able to hear too much else of the record. That is, until LeBron James shared samples of some songs on Instagram stories yesterday (April 13). While we're not too sure which songs he's previewing for us, there's one that he tagged "#Feel," which leads us to believe that Kendrick hasn't lost his love for melodies. And let's not forget that U2 and Rihanna are featured on the album, which should make for some interesting listening.

DAMN. is the album you'll need to listen this weekend, regardless of how much or little you like hip-hop. If not for the music, you'll walk away with something much deeper by the end of it.

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