Canadian rocker duo released their latest album late last year and are already heard at work on its follow-up.

Sometimes things are meant to be. Imagine you've ordered a custom cape. It's the key ingredient to your costume and with that complete, you'll be able fulfill your heroic destiny and crusade against all things that are no good in your neck of the woods. Now imagine, someone across town ordered the exact same cape, with the exact same intention and you both turn up at the cape shop at the exact same time. What would you do? Have a laugh and then join forces to battle against evil?

According to the Pack A.D. drummer Maya Miller, that's exactly how she and guitarist Becky Black met. Well, actually she admits they met through friends, but if she were to dream up an origin story, that's the one she'd go with. Even without the comic-book-come-to-life backstory, their partnership has been a solid one. As a duo, the two create a big sound of heavy riffs and indomitable beats. They released their latest album Positive Thinking at the tail-end of last year and are already at work on a follow up. 

We spoke with Miller about the story behind their name, the power of live shows and the story and what it's like to be a rock band in Vancouver. Hop to the next page to read the full interview.

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