The Californian garage pop artist gives a contemplative take on Outkast's iconic tune.

Over stark keys, DENM delivers a heartfelt, mellow rendition of Outkast's iconic "Hey Ya." There's no shaking it like a Polaroid picture, nor Andre 3000's exuberant energy and dimpled grin, but what remains is the song's rumination on the realities of love. While DENM sits alone in a dark room, the song's message of romantic truths is the centerpiece. DENM's version gives more space to the formerly rapid fire lyrics, slowing them down and infusing them with a contemplative mood, every word a meditation. It's woozy and gorgeous, sentimental and still undeniably hip... Or perhaps "ice cold" fits best!

When it came to choosing the song to cover, he rewound the clock to revisit a song that reached him in his youth and an appreciation that has only grown since. "I first heard the song in junior high. I think over the years of growing up I’ve really admired the creativity and skill of Outkast," says DENM of his choice of source material. "So when I went to do a cover, I wanted to take something I’ve always loved and put a slower feel to it, more ambient and emotional."

According to him, a good cover requires two main ingredients. "I think being creative with your approach while still honoring the artist who originally wrote it." A fellow Southern California band takes his top honors in that regard. "My favorite cover is probably Red Hot Chili Peppers covering Stevie Wonder," he admits. "There's a lot of cool takes on old songs, but that one was and will always be a special one. They just made it their own so well."  

"I’ve learned that love is a choice," he says about lessons he's learned on the topic of love in the vein of the song. "Not just an emotion or feeling. It's something that you have to fight for in order to sustain it. It's the biggest reward in life."

Watch DENM cover the iconic song below.

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