From Jeffree Star to Jac Vanek, here's what's been happening with everyone’s Top 8.

Before selfies were a thing, these people turned self-obsession into a form of art. Like characters in some unwritten R-rated fairytale for the cyber age, the likes of Jeffree Star and Audrey Kitching created a world of their own, filled with neon colors, In3rn3T $p3ak and fixation on gore and glitter. A decade later, the world is filled with wannabe “influencers,” self-proclaimed “opinion leaders” and run-of-the-mile “lifestyle bloggers,” but what’s up with the original crème de la crème of social media? 

Here's what everyone's Top 8 has been up to for the past 10 years.


Jeffree Star

The pink-haired, pop-loving and gothic-inspired singer-songwriter from OC was the Marilyn Manson of the Myspace generation. His sticky and sweet gender-bending ways turned Star into a proper cyber celebrity and propelled him to release a debut record Beauty Killer in 2009, which included a Nicki Minaj feature in “Lollipop Luxury.”

He hasn’t released new music in a few years now, but Star is following his other passion: make-up. Apart from running a beauty YouTube channel (his videos get over 1M views), he has his own cosmetics line. And yes, he still has killer pink hair.


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