The Nashville-based Texan talks about daily songwriting, family and 'The Voice.'

If you're a fan of country music or have been watching The Voice since the beginning, then you'll know a little something about RaeLynn. The Texas-born, now Nashville-based singer and songwriter got widespread fame when she was a contestant on the second season of The Voice where she started on Adam Levine's team then ended her run on Blake Shelton's. Although she's still seen as an up-and-coming artist in the music world, the 22-year-old has been singing since she was very young in her family's church. And now with the release of her debut album, WILDHORSE, on March 24, it's time you got to know RaeLynn a little bit better.  


She Has a Strong Musical Upbringing

"My family has a church in Baytown, TX,  and we were that family that would say, ‘Rachel, go up there and sing this note!’" she said. "Or ‘play this part on the drums! Or ‘play this part on the piano!’ We’re always learning and kind of thrown when it comes to instruments and notes and stuff. It’s kind of cool because it taught me so much about music. I had to learn every facet of it. I wasn’t just a singer. I played lot of different instruments. It gave me a lot of creativity when I was younger."


She Learned a Lot From 'The Voice'

"Before I was on The Voice, I never really worked in a real band," RaeLynn revealed. "I worked in church bands. I learned so much about stage blocking and learned so much about choreography. I learned how to do interviews. I didn’t know how to interview at that point. I was figuring out the artist I wanted to be and sticking to a style. And that show was just so eye-opening for me. It went from being this kind of dream that I had that I never knew it would come to life to literally watching it come to life in front of my eyes. It’s so crazy because we’d do all this work for that whole week for just two minutes of complete and utter amazingness onstage."

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