From their latest LP to their ideas of success, learn more about the band from Petoskey, MI.

Famous Last Words have been rocking the stage for almost a decade. And as they have grown and evolved over the years, the Petoskey, MI metalcore outfit have been inspiring, entertaining and shedding light on issues that some artists may stray away from. On their third album, The Incubus, they explore the story of Christine, a character that was not only inspired by a musical (which you'll learn about in a bit) but also looks at the dark world of abuse. 

We've never been afraid to tackle difficult topics in the past," lead singer Jeremy "JT" Tollas tells Myspace, "but this album's research was very difficult because the subject matter is so heavy. It really put things into perspective for me." 

He continues, "That's why I think it's important to talk about. Just because we as a society don't like something doesn't mean we can just ignore it and it will all go away. The first step is getting the conversation started. Writing this album was a huge learning experience for me."

Aside of the ideas behind The Incubus, we learned more about Famous Last Words that we think you should know. Learn more about them below.


They Didn't Always Do Concept Albums

"When Famous Last Words first started, we were actually under a different name and we didn't do concept albums," Tollas said. "I feel like our biggest growing period was when we decided to start doing concept albums. Two-Faced Charade was our first concept album. After we decided to go the conceptual route, it introduced a whole new obstacle for all of the future albums. Coming up with a new story for each record is always tricky, but I like a good challenge. We have also grown musically even more with our latest release, The Incubus. We explored a more mature, raw sound and I couldn't be happier with the direction the band is going."



It's Putting Together Concept Albums That's the Most Fun


When asked why Famous Last Words has been building a reputation for putting out concept albums, Tollas explains, "The thing with concept albums is that it's still just a collection of songs with different messages just like any other album, but the way it's pieced together and presented is just more interesting and fun when it's a concept album. What makes a story great, are the lessons and messages that it teaches. Plus who doesn't like to connect the dots to a story?"

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