Find out more about the Canadian singer-songwriter behind "Lost Boy" and "Superficial Love."

When Ruth Berhe was listening to old gospel in the house and her mother's singing, little did she know that this would be the building blocks that would pave the way toward her own music career. Known onstage as Ruth B, the 21-year-old from Alberta, Canada, gained fame on the web, first as a Vine star, who posted covers on the mobile video sharing app. She then penned "Lost Boy" and soon went from someone trying to make it to a radio regular. And now with the release of a new version of "Superficial Love" on February 24 and more new music on the way, we thought this would be the best time for you to get to know this star on the rise in 2017.

So sit back and read up on the 10 Things You Should Know on Ruth B.


"Lost Boy" Is The First Song She Ever Wrote

While others would want to forget the first tune they penned, Ruth B admitted that "Lost Boy," which ended up being a Billboard Hot 100 hit, was her first go at this songwriting business.

"The first song I wrote was 'Lost Boy,'" she said, "and I guess it was kind of about finding yourself in something or someone. It doesn't necessarily have to be a person. It could be a passion or something. That song for me is about finding yourself.


Even With a Hit Song, She Still Wants to Improve As a Songwriter

"When it comes to songwriting, I think you grow and improve every day," she said. "It's the things that you go through that mold you as a writer. So I've definitely been through a lot in the past few years, and it just added to my collection of stories to write about it."


But She'll Never Lose the Honesty in Her Lyrics

"Nowadays, I feel like kids are just more encouraged to speak their minds and say what you're feeling. I think we live in a world now where you kind of have to say your truth or else you're kind of doing an injustice. So that's just how I feel. If I have a platform, I just have to be honest and talk about things that matter."

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