Trump was actually the most behaved person this weekend.


It was a rough weekend all around for celebrities...except for Beyoncé, who spent her Presidents' Day vacation sitting courtside at the NBA All-Star Game in a $21,000 Gucci robe. For some it came to physical confrontations and for others it meant staying a step ahead of hackers. Here's what you missed over the weekend. 


Throwin' 'Bows

Aaron Carter was forced to seek out medical treatment after an altercation with his opening act on Friday Night. During Carter’s performance at an Illinois venue called the Looney Bin, security moved in on the wandering opener, ILL State, for harassing the audience. According to witnesses, the opening musician had been making his way through the crowd and grabbing people’s phones to record video without their consent. As the disruptive man was being removed, Carter attempted to add insult to injury by shouting “Bye Felipe,” the supposed masculine take on the ever-popular “Bye Felicia.” ILL State — who happens to be of Hispanic origin — didn’t appreciate the seemingly racist farewell. He escaped security’s grasp and bolted towards Carter on stage, attacking the singer and ultimately sending him to the hospital. But, Nick Carter’s younger brother was able to tough it out and took to Twitter to update his concerned fanbase.

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