19-year-old producer will not "Fade" and leave you “Alone.”

“Where are you now?” is a pretty dramatic opening line for a chorus. Top that with a killer rave-tastic production, and you’ll understand why Alan Walker spent the last year on the road, promoting his melancholy heavy electro-ballad “Faded.” We called the rising star to discuss his newest single, the mythology behind his trademark face mask and how he peaks female vocalists for his songs.


He’s 19

His sound may evoke '90s nostalgia, but Alan Walker was just a baby back then since the world-renowned producer only turned 19 last August.

He’s Influenced by Cinema

Alan Walker has a knack for creating rather scenic music pieces, so it’s only a matter of time before some filmmaker will commission him to create a soundtrack for an action flick. “I would love to compose music for a movie, because my music is pretty much a movie soundtrack. I’m very much influenced by the composers who work in film, like Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky. I like to work on songs that can easily be used in movies.”

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