A special Christmas present from Diplo and co.

When's it out? TBA
What's on it? Collaborations with The Weeknd and Travis Scott, plus singles 'Cold Water', 'Believer', 'Run Up' and 'Know No Better'.
What have they said about it? Not a whole lot.

Major Lazer have shared a surprise new track called ‘Go Dung’.

The track is a collaboration with Kes, a band from Trinidad and Tobago whose music is a blend of soca, calypso, reggae and pop.

Major Lazer – the electro crew co-founded by Diplo – shared the collaboration on Soundcloud as a free stream.

‘Go Dung’ follows Major Lazer’s 2017 EP ‘Know No Better’, which features collaborations with the likes of Sean Paul, Quavo from Migos, and Camila Cabello. They shared a stunning video for the EP track ‘Particula’ in October

A new album called ‘Music Is the Weapon’ is expected in 2018. 

Last year, Major Lazer’s Diplo responded to critics who accuse his band of cultural appropriation.

Some commentators objected to the use of Indian culture and imagery in the group’s video for breakthrough hit ‘Lean On’, while their music’s relationship with Caribbean genres like dancehall, reggae and soca has also been called into question.

Speaking in NME last year, Diplo says his group’s music simply reflects his upbringing in an ethnically diverse quarter of Miami, Florida.

“Haitians, Latinos, Cubans, white kids, Jewish kids and hood kids were all in the same neighbourhood and the same schools,” he explains. “Miami is the most diverse place for human beings I’ve ever been to.”

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