From cover-ups to removal, ridding yourself of a tattoo isn't easy.

So you went ahead and got a cheap tattoo. Maybe you broke the first rule of tattoo collecting and cursed yourself with the name of a significant other, or you just trusted some kitchen magician instead of going into a real shop. That's cool and all that you got it for way cheaper than you would've from a real artist, but now it's a few years later and you're not such a fan of the ink (or the content) anymore. A touch-up isn't going to be enough, so you start looking into tattoo removal or cover-ups.

Well, short of grabbing a hacksaw and chopping off an appendage, you're going to be looking at a bit of a process to getting rid of that tattoo. Thankfully, you can make your life a little easier if you go into it with the right mindset and knowledge, so here are our Top 8 tips and tidbits to know when getting rid of that old tattoo.


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It's Going to Cost Even More Money

Whether or not you saved money on the original tattoo doesn't really matter if you have to get rid of it. Laser tattoo removal ain't cheap, and most tattoo artists charge extra for cover-up work. That's not even taking into account the amount of time it'll take up for multiple laser sessions and/or a few trips to the tattoo shop. Make sure you've got a little something saved up before you start the process.

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