The Detroit rocker revamps the 1993 track.

When they're starting out, many artists look to their idols and cover their favorite tracks. For Holly Miranda, she found it a way to learn the dynamics of a song as well as give her the chance to explore her own creativity by taking apart the tune and making it her own. She breathes new life into some well-known tunes by the likes of Drake, Bon Iver and Alphaville on her latest EP, Party Trick.

While the EP boasts some great renditions, we've got an extra special one for you. She recorded a live version of Morphine's 1993 song, "Mary Won't You Call My Name," at NYCTaper at the end of 2015.

"I've loved Morphine for a long time and when I started playing with Maria Eisen, [who plays] Bari Sax," she tells Myspace. "We would always break into Morphine covers between songs at rehearsal. So it was only a matter of time before one worked its way into the live show."

She also befriended Sabine Hrechdakian, the longtime partner of the late Mark Sandman, who gave her old footage of the band. "In the last few years I have become friends with Sabine, Mark Sandman's long time partner before he passed, and she's given me video footage and rare tracks," she says. "She also has his one and two string bass! That friendship has given a whole new dimension to my appreciation of the music. I just want to see it live on so the next generation has a chance to love it as much as we do."

Holly, along with Maria, are hoping to play a Morphine tribute show in the fall. But while we wait on details for that, listen to the tune below.

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