You won't even believe what's getting rebooted, everything from 'MacGyver' to '24.'

Every week I'll be here to reveal and review some of my favorite moments from the internet. Whether it be binging television shows, streaming sports, or simply getting lost in a YouTube rabbit hole, I'm here to give you my top picks every Friday, as well as the perfect paring to get into an optimal headspace for themThis week, I'm giving you the first of what could be several entries dealing with TV reboots and spinoffs. 


CSI: MacGyver

Recommended Pairing: 
Bubble gum, a q-tip, and a cyanide tablet.

Hey everyone, MacGuyver's back!!!

No, not the campy '80s classic where the titular character is a lone wolf hell-bent on saving the world from evil, even if all he has are his wits and some random items within reach. Not the guy who would fashion a hang glider out of duct tape, a rusted bicycle frame, and some mud to escape terrorists in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Nope. CBS has seemingly replaced the charm and brilliance of that MacGyver we all remember so fondly and replaced it with a smugness that makes me want to punch right through the screen. They didn't even have the decency to give that kid a mullet. Watch this shit:


Ok, first things first, it's never a good sign when the first thing you hear in a trailer is the ol' "Inception Swell of Sound," and it just keeps getting worse from there. Sure, MacGyver was cheesy, but it was the kind of cheesy you loved to watch because the show knew it was ridiculous and didn't take itself too seriously. I just read through a list of over 75 reboots and spinoffs planned for this year. Yikes.

Remember how much fun this was back in the day?
Well it's back, but it's modern and therefore no longer fun.
You're welcome America!


I'm willing to bet CBS has data that there is a huge audience for a lame techy procedural and they just couldn't believe CSI:Cyber didn't work. Then some guy's like, "Why don't we do the exact same thing but use MacGyver's son as the lead?" I bet that guy owns houses on multiple coasts. Fuck my life. This could have been a great show.

They should have just rebooted MacGruber.


Star Trek: The Cord-Cutting Generation

Recommended Pairing:
 A mild indica and a holodeck full of hot, nerdy babes (or hunks, no judgements).

The Star Trek franchise is currently loading up for its first series run since the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise 12 years ago, and it's got me at least slightly intrigued. For starters, it's planning on premiering on CBS in January before moving full time to the CBS All Access digital platform. This is surprisingly big news and possibly a huge shift in how we'll be thinking about "network" television moving forward. Mostly I'm interested in how one of the major networks will handle the move to an untethered viewing experience and if they will go full speed ahead in producing it and promoting it or leave it to live and die by it's own merit. Here's a quick peek:

I was never really that into Star Trek. My sister loved The Next Generation and I enjoyed watching it, but it wasn't until much later that I grew to appreciate the original and the interesting philosophical case studies found throughout the franchise. Here's hoping this will follow in the footsteps of it's predecessors while also connecting to a new generation of science fiction enthusiasts.

24: Legacy

Recommended Pairing:
 An egg timer, boiling water, and an egg or two.

A few years back, a group of friends and I were throwing copious amounts of grain alcohol into our faces at a Silverlake bar when we noticed Kiefer Sutherland sitting alone with his hands folded loosely around a drink. It was Mardi Gras and one of our friends from New Orleans had brought in a king cake to celebrate. After some prodding we got Kiefer to grab a slice, and wouldn't you know it, Jack fucking Bauer got the baby. He didn't seem to care at all, in fact, he really just seemed tired. That was several years ago, but we're still waiting to be invited to his next Mardi Gras party.

That has nothing to do with the new 24 reboot. I just think it's a pretty fun story. Saving the world one hour a week really does seem exhausting—it's no wonder they brought in some younger, fresher blood.

24 is a gimmick, and a brilliant one at that. A constant clicking clock adds an extra layer of suspense to anything. Heck, you could have a show about the people throwing newspapers onto suburban driveways at four in the morning, add a clock, and be absolutely riveted to see if they get them all delivered on time. It's a simple formula and it works. If the story, acting and writing are all at minimum, moderately competent then we're in for a fun ride. This certainly looks to be the case here with Corey Hawkins from Straight Outta Compton taking on the leading role and a slew of successful people behind the scenes. This is one of the few shows I'm actually looking forward to.

'Til next week, keep streaming.





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