Frontwoman Erica Driscoll discusses the new EP and its single, "Pleasure."

When was the last time you really confessed something? This is just one of the ideas that Blondfire explores in her latest EP, True Confessions. The pop-meets-indie-rock band led by Erica Driscoll blends electronically dipped melodies with honest lyrics to bring a collection of tunes that will be a staple on your playlist. We had a chance to get to know the woman behind Blondfire and even tried to get a few confessions out of her.

Homebase: Los Angeles, CA

What was your first introduction to music?

That’s hard to pinpoint, but probably my Mom playing her Brazilian records and singing at the top of her lungs! I was also really obsessed with the musical, Annie [LOL]. Really, there was always music around our house, and I started playing the piano when I was really young.

I read that you were initially called Astaire, but had to change it to Blondfire. What inspired the current band name?

When we had to make a change (a certain dancer's estate didn’t take to kindly to it, and we really couldn’t afford to fight back), it was hard to come up with something else that made any sense. One night, I heard someone talking about a bonfire, but they stumbled their words and it kind of sounded like they said, "blondfire." It just had to a ring to it. What I really like about the name is that the combination of the words are both soft and strong together. I think it fits the dreamy melodies with the electric guitars that I gravitate to with my sound.

It's been two years since we heard a new record from you. How is this one different from you past work?

I would say the EP has maybe a bit darker themes and dancier grooves, but there’s still a blondfire sound at the heart of it.

What's the most memorable song you worked on for the record?

They all have their own stories and interesting ways they came together, but "Pleasure" was pretty fun to write. Once we had the cool bass line and drums going, we just kept coming up with catchy melodies and parts to add... It's a bit of a party song.

What is "Pleasure" about?

"Pleasure" was inspired by the Manchester or “Madchester” music and drug scene in the late '80s [and] early '90s. Lyrically it’s about searching for that ultimate pleasure… the good and the bad that comes with it all.

You named the project True Confessions. Talk about the last time you made a really true confession.

I’ll never tell!

What are you plans for the summer and the rest of 2016?

To continue writing and recording for the full length album and playing shows. We also have a special limited edition 7" vinyl coming out. We only pressed 500 copies. There’s also a Cape Cod vacation in there somewhere—the beach, gin and tonics and seafood. But other than that, always more music!

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