Let's put the "tattoo" back in "tattoo model."


There will always be men and women taking their clothes off in front of a camera for money (or likes and followers, in this case), and as a visual platform, there's nothing you can do about that. What we (well, not you as an app, but the collective "we" as a people) can do is stop perpetuating the stereotype that tattoos are automatically sexy no matter how questionable of a decision they may be.

Ask the 40-year-old (and older) folks who were getting tattooed in the early and mid '90s if their tribal armbands and tramp stamps are still sexy now. That's not to say they should regret getting them, but a 47-year-old mother of three probably doesn't see that lower back tattoo in the same light she did when she got it during Spring Break 1991. That one uncle you only have to see at Thanksgiving and Easter still has a faded version of the same barbwire near his shoulder he got in 1994 during his freshman year of college, but it's probably not picking up quite as many ladies as it used to.

But really, all of those middle-aged folks who got inked decades ago are probably still plenty happy with their choices. Why? Because they didn't get a tattoo to show it off in selfies on social media, they did it because they wanted to stand out and rebel against what was popular at the time. The people who had sleeves before TLC had ever even thought of running a TV program about tattooing still love their sleeves because they weren't just committing their bodies to a trend, they were sinking time and money into an off-beat subculture they wanted to be a part of.

Unfortunately, that's not the case these days. Thanks to the influence of  TV shows and social media's "tattoo models," ink has become super sexualized. Whether it's using a tiny tattoo as an excuse to show off a shirtless bathroom mirror selfie or someone getting their throat and hands tattooed early on just to look like they're covered when fully-clothed, plenty of people are getting inked in an attempt just to look hotter, and it's ultimately going to lead to a generation of parents and grandparents with face, hand, and throat tattoos long after anyone wants to see them mostly nude.

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