As the legendary lyricist gears up to drop his new EP, he took some time to look at the year that just past.

Wyclef Jean may have taken a step off the spotlight following 2010's If I Were President: My Haitian Experience. However, he's kept busy on the small screen as well as attempting to run for president in Haiti during the 2010 election. And while he's still working on non-musical endeavors, he's back on the mic and is set to release his new EP, J'ouvert, on January 27.

"J’ouvert is the carnival," he tells Myspace. "The start of the carnival is called the J’ouvert. I feel like the next wave is about to come for me, and with this wave it’s all about new talent."

He recently dropped the new single off the EP, "I Swear." Young Thug is featured on the track, who's a fan of Wyclef's and even has a song named after him. "Thugger was working on a mixtape, and he named one of his songs after me," he explains. "He also featured me on the mixtape on a song called 'Kanye West.' The vibes were so strong after he played me some more material and I could feel his pure songwriter style. I understood how talented this young man is and I felt 'I Swear' would be a great way for us to do something different, something fresh and new."

With so many hit songs under his belt, it only seemed natural to ask Wyclef what made for a good track. And with fervor, he responded by saying, "The elements of a hit song ... is an incredible Cast!!!!! That's believable to the public about what they are singing ... if it's conviction!! We got one!"

Wyclef also took a look back on the year that just past and answered our 20 Questions for 2016. Find out what his hits and misses were below.

2016 Moment You'd Rather Forget: Hurricane in Haiti

Best Gig You Played of 2016: Brooklyn Bowl [because it was] the first show in Brooklyn in 10 years.

2016 Show You Wish You Could Do Over: Concert in Vegas. I fell trying to do a crowd dive. LOL.

Best Concert You Saw in 2016: 0

Most Awkward Show You Watched in 2016: None.

Artist on High Rotation in 2016: Chance the Rapper

2016 LP You'd Like a Refund For: None

2016 Movie You'd Watch Over and Over: True Romance

2016 Movie You Wish You Waited for on Netflix: NONE

TV Show You Binged on While on The Road This Year: Game of Thrones

TV Show You Wouldn't Mind Seeing Cancelled Next Year: NONE

Oddest Touring Experience of 2016: Didn't have one.

Go-to Meal on the Road: Steak and veggies

Artist Who Should Be on Our 2017 Playlist: Farina

Best Fan Gift 2016: Painting of myself

Favorite Track to Cover on Wu-Tang Clan's "Protect Ya Neck."

Best Advice You Got in 2016: Focus on the music

Plans for 2017: Carnival 3 Album

If You Became President in 2017, first order of business: Mandate all great bands reunite.

2017 New Year's Resolution: I want to continue to bond more with my daughter and spend as much time as I can with her.


See your favorite artists' best and worsts of the year by visiting our 20 Questions page.

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