This week we're finally finished with Thanksgiving leftovers, but still in full-on binge mode.

Every week I'll be here to reveal and review some of my favorite moments from the internet. Whether it be binge-ing television shows, streaming sports or simply getting lost in a YouTube rabbit hole, I'm here to give you my top picks every Friday, as well as the perfect pairing to get into an optimal headspace for them

This week, we're saying goodbye to our dear friend, satire.


Ready To Be Let Down: 'Westworld' Edition

Recommended Pairing:
A Sioux City sasparilla and some sex-bots.

I was one of the few lucky Americans who "missed out" on going home for the Thanksgiving break. Instead of passing around stuffing while daydreaming about shoving a turkey leg down your AM Radio "fact-quoting" uncle's throat or trying to calmly explain what a meme is and why it isn't a respectable news source to your great aunt who just got onto Facebook, I made a rib roast and hosted a hodgepodge of fellow stragglers for dinner.

We still talked politics, sure, I mean we were drinking. So we argued, joked, swapped stories and anecdotes, then shook our heads at the sad irony of celebrating Thanksgiving while there was a showdown between "indians" and corporate interests. 

After everyone was sufficiently stuffed, my girlfriend and I waved goodbye as our friends waddled out to their respective Ubers and Lyfts. Thanksgiving wasn't quite over yet, though.

The recently added second round of the great American holiday celebrating bingeing was just about to start — fire up your laptops.

Just a head's up – I'm going to talk Westworld on the next page, but real quick we need to talk about the Gilmore Girls.

Every single girl I am friends with on social media hyped this show up to the point where I was genuinely excited to plop down on the couch with my lady and rip through a year in the life of the Gilmore women. 

I made it about 15 minutes into the first episode before I volunteered to start cleaning up the remnants of the evening's feast. I tried one last time to be a good boyfriend and snuggle up on the couch and take in some caffeine injected dialogue, but then there was a musical thing happening so I got permission to get up and spend the next hour or so reading up on all of the newest Westworld fan-theories on Reddit

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  1. mikejonesthebrave
    Mike Jones I loved the new season 2 trailer!!!! and the music!! Have you seen this westworld theme acapella cover? The harmonies blew me away!
  2. oliver4777
    Oliver Maorice You may need to check out this blog article for some tips on how to become better writer overall. GOod luck
  3. Leah73855
  4. Anna97882
  5. Emma41862
    Emma Greene B ︀e ︀s ︀t ︀★ ︀S ︀e ︀x ︀❤️ ︀D ︀a ︀t ︀i ︀n ︀g, ︀o︀p︀e︀n ︀l︀i︀n︀k ︀>>>>> ︀i︀n︀t︀i︀m︀c︀o︀n︀t︀a︀c︀t︀.︀c︀o︀m︀?︀p︀r︀o︀f︀i︀l︀e︀westworld-mikes-favorite-things-on-the-innerwebs
  6. wawica
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