Not peeing on stage was an obvious highlight for the blonde pop force.

Although she’s been making waves in the pop world for quite some time now, 2016 was the year when Brooklyn-born singer Bebe Rexha has properly arrived. For starters, she became platinum blonde. Then she unleashed her proper debut single, the Nicki Minaj-assisted ode to good times “No Broken Hearts”. And she continued her reign as the go-to female vocalist with her collaborations with G-Eazy (“Me, Myself & I”) and No. 1 DJ in the world Martin Garrix (“In The Name of Love”). She was also traveling the globe — from hosting MTV EMA Awards in Rotterdam to playing intimate acoustic gigs in Moscow. That’s where we met the Balenciaga-boots rocking popstar and asked her 20 questions about her fruitful year.

Best Moment of 2016: Hosting the EMAs.

2016 Moment You Wish You'd Rather Forget: Pass, I can’t think of anything.

Best Gig of 2016: The EMAs! 

2016 Show You Wish You Could Do Over: The gig I did with G-Eazy at Barclays Center in Brooklyn (where I’m from). There were like 16,000 people and we did “Me, Myself & I” together there. It was amazing!

Best Show You Saw in 2016: Probably Beyoncé.

Best Album of 2016: Drake’s Views.

The Track You Couldn't Stop Playing in 2016: PARTYNEXTDOOR “Come and See Me For Once”. It’s so good. First time you listen to it you’re like “hmmm,” but then you get completely hooked.

Craziest Thing You Did on a Plane In 2016: I traveled over 300,000 miles.

The 2016 Film That You'd Watch Over and Over: I wasn’t watching too many films this year… Oh, wait, Zootopia!

Best Item of Clothing of 2016: [raises up her leg in long glittery boots] My Balenciaga boots.

Best TV Show of 2016: I don’t watch TV like that, sorry, I’ll pass.

Best Music Video of 2016: Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

Most Awkward Touring Experience of 2016: I was on stage and I had to pee really badly and I just had to hold it in. Or when a fan got my number from somewhere and was calling me every five minutes. And when I was on tour he was waiting for me outside my hotel room.

Go-to Meal While On the Road: I love salad.

Another New Artist We Should Have On Our Radar in 2017: Anne-Marie.

Best Fan Gift You Received in 2016: A picture of me and my fans in a frame. I have it on top of my fireplace. It’s very cute.  

Plans for Xmas: Gonna go home to my family.

Plans for New Year’s Eve Party: Always spend it in the club performing.

One Thing on 2017 Wish List: I want to have a hit record all around the world.

What Do You Want to Happen in 2017 That Doesn't Have to Do With Music: Just happiness and peace and calmness.


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