The best cosplayers tell us about their creative outfits and BlizzCon experience.

2016 was a big year for Blizzard Entertainment. It's been 25 years since founders Allen Adham, Frank Pearce and Mike Morhaime opened the doors to Silicon & Synapse, a small company dedicated to creating game ports. Since then, they've come a long way, blossoming into the video game development company we know and love.

So it was no surprise that this year's BlizzCon, the tenth annual celebration of everything Blizzard, was all about milestones. With massive titles like Diablo, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and the newest hit, Overwatch, BlizzCon packed the Anaheim Convention Center with exciting announcements, live tournament arenas, and tens of thousands of the most hardcore fans. 

For the nerds, there were a lot of great highlights:

  • Heroes of the Storm is getting Varian Wrynn and Ragnaros as heroes.
  • The new Overwatch hero Sombra was finally revealed.
  • Artificial intelligence is literally learning Starcraft with Google's DeepMind.
  • Diablo III got much needed new content.
  • Hearthstone is getting a new expansion with tri-class cards.
  • Weird Al Yankovic closed out the convention with a weird show. 

If none of that matters to you, don't worry. BlizzCon was also all about the cosplay, and this year the fans did not disappoint. From World of Warcraft to Overwatch, hundreds of cosplayers dressed up as their favorite heroes and brought the vibrant fantasy of Blizzard to life.

Before shamelessly buying Pachimari Plushes and trying out Sombra, we met with some of our favorite cosplayers hanging outside the convention center.

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