The UK rock band talks changes, being spontaneous and how that played into their new LP, 'Echoes.'

Young Guns have been bringing us big sounds, thoughtful lyrics and one helluva a good gig for the past eight years. And while their last three albums solidified their place in rock music, the band hit a crossroads in late 2015 when founding member and drummer Ben Jolliffe decided to leave the band.

"One of the founding members of the band left," lead singer Gustav Wood told Myspace over thai food. "And he wasn’t just a bandmate, we were all best friends. It was a real shift to our friendship. We lost our friend to another country. We lost a bandmate."

However, Ben's departure allowed the UK band to really look at themselves and figure out what they wanted to do next. And during the time of introspection, they came up with their latest effort, Echoes. We had the chance to take the band out for some vegan summer rolls and vegetarian pad thai at the outdoor food market, Mad. Sq. Eats, in New York City to talk about this and other changes in the band's dynamic as well as their new record.

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