Get to know the female-led, Portland-based rock band a little bit better.


Jessica Boudreaux


Age: 25
Instrument: Vocals, guitar
Moment/experience when you knew you wanted to pursue music: I had always been interested in music, but it wasn't until I started writing songs for Summer Cannibals and played my first show with this kind of music almost four years ago that I decided to wholeheartedly pursue music as a career path. 
What being in a band has taught you: It's currently teaching me how to not stress too hard about the small stuff. And how to be stuck in a van with four other people for nine hours at a time. 
Most noteworthy musical career highlight to date: Signing with Kill Rock Stars and releasing this third album. 
Pre-show rituals: Hide, stretch, drink a beer.
Animal that most illustrates your style in playing/performing: Bull.
Greatest influences: My mom, all different kinds of movies, art, Patti Smith, books, bad relationships.

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