Let's just leave chrome tattoos in the past, cool?

You know when you look back in your high school yearbook and can't believe some of the things you thought were cool back in the day? Yeah, us neither... But if you did, you'd probably be pretty thankful that you threw out that Hawaiian shirt with the flower-print skull pattern all over it or that you shaved the wispy goatee that your 17-year-old self thought was super awesome. Unless you went and got a really dumb tattoo in high school, which means you probably still have it unless you can afford to get it covered up and/or lasered off.

That's the problem with tattoo trends, and while we've written about some of the current ones to avoid before, there are some truly bad trends (many of which are long gone, thankfully) that somehow missed the cut. Here are a handful of the tattoo trends new and old that we're perfectly cool with never seeing again... ever.


Chrome Everything


A photo posted by Adrian Evans LTD (@adrianevans528) on

Almost nothing says 1990s and early 2000s like a chrome tattoo. Yes, your sweet red heart with chrome flames looked awesome back when you got it on South Padre Island in '99, but it's not exactly a timeless design. Even on things that should be metal and shiny (like your super rad Terminator tattoo, bro), modern artists are going for a darker and more detailed look that makes the silver skull chest piece you've been dreaming of stand out all the better.

We're not sure where chrome tattoos started or who thought they were a good idea, but we're thankful that they're no longer in style. Unfortunately, tattoos (like most fashion) tend to be cyclical, so we could see a major rebirth of chrome tattoos coming in the near future. Hopefully we'll be done with watercolor designs by then.

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