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Seven Wonders

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  1. american_lesley_jane
    Lesley Jane Hiya Kid. How've you been? This is Himself. Or Herself depending on my mood. I'm widowed now you know. 26 years of marriage. Done. Oh your voice still touches my heart. Yes Magic does surround me, you called that. If you do say so yourself. No shit, this is a nine minute song? For you, I'll sit here for 9 minutes. Still feel The Presence? Yeah you tried to taunt me alright. Oh wow. It's like hearing my past chronicled. You are freaky, I'll give you that Steph. I haven't used the name "Declan" in many many years. I'm Lesley, and I'm world famous. Incredibly talented, which is why I'm world famous. And I admit it. Very Lonely. I'm now so good, everyone damn near in this business is scared shitless of me. Oh, you and I need to rework Seven Wonders, that was the most boring break ever, the only interesting parts are where you're singing Sweetheart. Sounds like an unfinished record, Frankly. What's the matter, Waddy wouldn't pay you a visit and pluck a few strings for ya? I'll do it. I'm The Best In The World Now. And I'm still nicer than damn near everyone in this assheaded business known as the music industry. I think I heard an edited version of this one the radio. So here's me, again, and the band, again, again. oh, my email, if you wanna say hi, American_Lesley_Jane at yahoo dot com.
  2. american_lesley_jane
    Lesley Jane And Steph, if you even now are still too chickenshit to Step Up To Me, then however it is for you now, is as good as it gets.

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